Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bike Uniform

Tank:Urban Outfitters, Shorts & Sunglasses: Thrift, Shoes: Toms, Watch: Nixon, Bike: Used (lol)

Hey everyone, Its been a little while. As I mention last post, I started biking 6 miles to and from school (work-study) and back home. So me biking in dresses and nice clothes in 94 degree heat is not going to happen. Case in point no posts lately. But who say that you have to look a hot mess while riding your bike, Right??  

So I developed a uniform.  Shorts and tanks have  been what my basic uniform consist of. Usually throwing the tanks from the man section of urban that we just got in and that I love!!!. For one their cheaper than the women's and two they all have really cool prints and colors. Shorts are a new brainer and I switch between my toms and pumas. 

Anyway, Do you notice something slightly different?  Yep, I did it. I cut my hair and colored it. love the color but hate the cut. She cut off all my hair. I said trim it down and taper it. She give me a mo-hawk. VERY upset won't be going back there again. Well gotta get back to work.

Peace & Love..........LivvyV

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