Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bike Uniform

Tank:Urban Outfitters, Shorts & Sunglasses: Thrift, Shoes: Toms, Watch: Nixon, Bike: Used (lol)

Hey everyone, Its been a little while. As I mention last post, I started biking 6 miles to and from school (work-study) and back home. So me biking in dresses and nice clothes in 94 degree heat is not going to happen. Case in point no posts lately. But who say that you have to look a hot mess while riding your bike, Right??  

So I developed a uniform.  Shorts and tanks have  been what my basic uniform consist of. Usually throwing the tanks from the man section of urban that we just got in and that I love!!!. For one their cheaper than the women's and two they all have really cool prints and colors. Shorts are a new brainer and I switch between my toms and pumas. 

Anyway, Do you notice something slightly different?  Yep, I did it. I cut my hair and colored it. love the color but hate the cut. She cut off all my hair. I said trim it down and taper it. She give me a mo-hawk. VERY upset won't be going back there again. Well gotta get back to work.

Peace & Love..........LivvyV

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Button It & Tie It

Shirt: Converse OneStar Target, Shorts & Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Vintage Beaded Vest: Thrift Bag: FEED Wholefoods , Watch: Nixon, Sunglass: Gnome

For the last few days I have been biking 6 miles to my job at school, then catching the bus to my other job at urban, and then biking home from there. So my outfit choices have been about heat proof comfort. Mostly tanks and shorts.  Why am I biking in 80 plus degree weather? One, because it faster to get where I need to go and two any way I can get exercise in is great for me because I'm going to NYC for a week this summer. So for the next month and few weeks I'm going to be workout out like a crazy woman. Which mean, I can actually wear some things I haven't worn in a long time LOL. Which is great for me and hopefully you guys too.

Peace & Love.....LivvyV

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Month in Purchases

1. jean-charles de castelbajac Jacket
2. Ecote Studded Wedges 
3. Staring at the Stars Sleeves Trench
4. Staring at the Stars Stripe Pullover Sweater
5. Vintage
6. Deux Lux Studded bucket Bag
7. BDG high-waisted Denim Shorts
8. Character Hero Printed Tanks
9. CoverGirl Queen Collection
10. Ecote Cropped Sweater
11. Vintage Blazer

12. Vintage Stripe Windbreaker 
Sorry that I been slow to post lately, just been trying to take a break from working 2 part-time jobs before I start summer classes. These are the things that I have purchase over the last few weeks. Mostly from work (can't beat the great discount). I found a lot of things in the sale section of urban and some surprise in the men's section too. All in all this month I found some great pieces. Heres the list.

1.  Jean-charles de castelbajac Jacket- From UAL ( United Apparel Liquidators) regular $500 I got it for $35. Killer I know.
2. Ecote Wedges- Urbanoutfitters
3. Staring at the Stars Sleeves Trench- Urbanoutfitters Sale
4. Staring at the Stars Stripe Pullover Sweater- Urbanoutfitters
5. Vintage Elephant Necklace- Ebay
6. Duex Lux Studded Bag- Buffalo Exchange
7. BDG High-waisted Shorts- Urbanoutfitters
8. Character Heros Mens tanks-Urabnoutfitters
9. CoverGirl Queen Collection- 330 Divine, 0505 See Red, 325 Spellbound, Q455 PowderPuff Pink
10. Ecote Crop Sweater: Urbanoutfitters Sale
11. Vintage Linen Blazer-Thrift Store
12.  Stripe Windbreaker- Buffalo Exchange Sale Rack

Starting next week I will be posting more pics of my outfits. So stay tune. 

Peace & Love...LivvyV

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sailor Time

Felipe's Line Buddy

Yesterday on my way to pick up a quick dinner I run into this young lady. I just love the way that she didn't do the typical pairing of sailor romper with sandals, or wedges instead she put on boots. Gotta to love it when people do their own thing.

Peace & Love.....LivvyV

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Jeffrey Campbell "Groovie"

I'm in a huge dilemma.  A SHOE DILEMMA. For months now I've been wanting and thinking about these shoes. They sold out 3 times and now their back in. But the price is a little steep for me,  lets face it I'm not baller (lol). I just love the color region on these shoes. I have nothing close to being this colorful or for that matter colorful at all in my shoe wardrobe . Yet, I don't think I would wear them a whole bunch this summer, but I will next summer when I move. So I'm not sure if there worth the price if I'm not going to wear them alot this summer.  

So I've been asking ever person I can and who cares mostly my friends, co-workers, and of course mom. And the answers have resulted in half and half of no and yes. I have two days to figure it out because thats when I get the paycheck.   So wish me luck with my decision and if you have a opinion about my dilemma please don't be afraid to leave a comment.

Peace & Love.....Livvy

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Shirt/Jacket: French Connection,  Shorts & Shoes: Urbanoutfitters, Sunglasses: RayBans, Watch :Fossil, Bracelet: Anthropologie, Necklace: Funky Monkey, Earrings: Random

The Spring semester is finally over and I didn't know until this weekend how much it took a toll on me. I'm feeling so tired lately and maybe its because I have been eating so shitty and going to sleep super late. That has to change and it will. Anyway, I'm ready for this summer to begin and the weather in New Orleans is agreeing with me. Blue sky, sunny days are what I've been seeing the last few days. Even tho I will be attending summer classes, I know this summer is going to be a great one. I'm going to try to take pictures everyday or at least every other day. Lets see what this summer brings, but what I know for sure is its going to be fun. 

Peace & Love........LivvyV

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

JCrew LookBook Spring-Summer 11

Jcrew Spring/Summer Lookbook 2011

I'm going to try to recreate everyone of these outfits that I can.

Peace & Love......LivvyV