Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spinning Springs Web.

Spring 2010 Giles Deacon Show

DINOS and SPIDERS!!!!!! Something you rarely think about when it comes to fashion. Yet, Giles Deacon made them wearable, colorful, boosting with fun and even having some sex appeal. Now, I'm not at all of a girlie girlie. I love cartoons and on most days you could find me watching Yu-gi-oh or X-Men online. So Giles did me a favor taking something that was once thought of as adolescent and making it totally wearable for people that don't always have a bedtime. How bad do I want one of those dino bags? As much as people are still trying to figure out how dino really looked. Instead the closes I will get to a dinosaur is Jurassic Park rrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dreaming of Pastels and Fairies

2010 Spring Burberry Prorsum Runway Show.

I remember when I first took a look at Burberry's Spring 2010 line, I fall in love. Of lately I haven't really been in impressed by many designers. Yes I love Chloe to no end, and Giles Deacon is starting to be my faves. And as many others I will miss PHI. Yet, its so much they can do. Then came Burberry , a fusion of punk rock, grecian goddess, and fairy of the lily pond the house sent out everything that I want to be not just for this year but every year. I wanted every single piece I saw and of course being the broke person I am I could only dream that one day I could add a piece to my closet. By then it will vintage but so what? So when I tuck myself into bed tonight I will dream of me in the mint julep green draped dress the first picture of the collage. Dancing around a little pond with my fairy friends listen to Janelle Monae "Many Moons".

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Psychedelic Year

I had this picture on my computer for a few months now. It was on the urbanoutfitters website and I really wanted it. As usual I was too broke to buy it. I stumble upon it today and it made me laugh. It seems every year we get older our lives get a little duller maybe. I just wanted this to remind you that through every month that passes make it as fun and crazy as possible. Just don't go and get yourself arrested.

Love & Peace....LivvyV

Monday, April 19, 2010

14 Ideas for Summer Fun!!!!!!

Items going left to right: Stripe long-sleeve tee forever21.com, Karen Walker Sun Gods sunglasses eyegoodies.com, denim biker jacket gap.com,Camo Turf Cargo Pants forever21.com,Paradis V-Neck Dress frenchconnection.com Dainty Floral Espadrilles forever21.com, Charlie Platform Clog Jeffrey Campbell freepeople.com, Jeffrey Campbell clog wedges freepeople.com,Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Bag lagarconne.com, Boyfriends Fatigue Jacket jcrew.com, khaki pants gap.com, Sea Spectrum Necklace anthropologie.com, Carin Wester Twist leather Wedge urbanoutfitters.co.uk, Erosa Dress DFV.com.

I've been dreaming of including some of these items in my summer wardrobe. Some of I can afford and most are only things I can only dream about or just me needing to save up for. These are some piece you can incorporate into your summer wardrobe. Items ranging from a forever 21 stripe tee to the techno color DFV Esos dress. And don't worry about prices, these are just ideas on how to have fun with your summer wardrobe. You can always find cheaper more affordable options of these items. Hope you find something you like and would want to buy because I have my eye on those Jeffrey Campbell platform shoes and the anthropology sea blue necklace. Well gotta go.


The New Beginnings


This is my first post so I'm probably talking to myself, lol. But, I want to introduce myself anyway. My name is Olivia you could call me Livvy. Fashion hasn't always been my thing, or at least wasn't until I moved to New York City for college for a few years. Being in NYC makes you want to be infused in every creative aspect of life. Which inevitably lead me to love fashion. My blog is not meant to show you what you see all the time in the magazines. Its a space to let your creative juices flow and to bring ideas on how to make fashion your own. This is a blog for people who can't mostly afford the Chloe or Chanel. People that can turn their thrift store finds and H&M or Forever21 items into outfit they can be proud of. Plus, being a semi-plus size girl it is a little difficult to follow trends, which is not my speciality anyway. This makes it more of a point for me to make my own style relevant in this crazy world of fast food fashion. I'm not here to tell you what everyone else thinks is hot but to offer you a little view into my world of fashion and art. Mostly, I'm just a girl from New Orleans who's a thrift addict, ebay fanatic, and connoisseur of unique and often off the wall pieces of jewelry. I'm a girl that knows life is an adventure and loves the beauty that it offers. I'm here to have fun with fashion I hope you are to.