Saturday, January 29, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I found this awesome piece at ebay store BusTownModern.  When I saw it I fall in love with it, and of course since it was such an out of this world piece the bidding war for it was crazy and I couldn't afford it anymore. Maybe one day I could own something just like this. Even tho I don't hunt.

Peace & Love....... LivvyV

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Forest Animals

Everything except the shoes from the Thrift Store, shoes Ebay

First day of my last semester of college and I feel like running through the street screaming with joy. I know all college students have felt like this at times.  Knowing that my goal is just within my reach its such a great feeling. Like Bambi finally becoming  prince of the forest ( or princess, lol). Speaking of deer, I found this awesome dress at the thrift store during their dollar sale. Awesome Right?????

Peace & Love LivvyV

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Urban Native

Poncho: Forever21, Skinnies Cargo Pants: Macy's Junior section (lol), Tee: Express thrift store, Purse: Liz Claiborne Buffalo Exchange, Boots: Ebay, Ray-bans: Thrift ($4,lol, I know)

Yesterday was a beautiful Fall-like day in the mist of winter. Since I didn't really need a jacket on, I throw on my poncho I brought last year from Forever21 for $3. Military style cargo skinnies and Ray-Ban  and I was ready to head out and hit the busy and sometime crazy Red, White, and Blue thrift store. 

Monday is Martin Luther King Day, me and my family are going to a youth rally were adults and teens volunteer in their community tomorrow. We have been doing this for the last 3 years now, its our little way of helping keep Mr. King's dream alive.

Well everyone enjoy your Martin Luther King holiday and I hope you can do your small share to keep his dream alive and on the way create your own dream.

Peace & Love........ LivvyV

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bronze Day Rider

Skirt (Rozae Nichols)and Bag courtesy of Thrift store,Stripe Shirt and Necklace (Forever21), 2nd Necklace( simply Fashion, Scarf (UrbanOutfitters), Shoes (Jeffrey Campbell), Leather jacket (Buffalo Exchange) Moschino Record Watch (Nordstrand Rack), Ring and Sunglasses (Ebay)

Lately I have been obsessing over long maxi skirts. So when I found this bronze Rozae Nichols long skirt for a $1 at the thrift store I was excited and a little scared. Why? Because what do you wear with a long bronze skirt? So I took it upon myself to experiment and find out. I took one of my most worn piece, you know, the stripe shirt and throw on my leather jacket and boom, awesome outfit. Then I added the shoes that I drool over half of last year and haven't worn since summer. The maxi skirt is one of the pieces on my summer must have list. I will be posting that soon. What piece of clothing do you have to own this summer?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Little Plaided Walk


Clothing: Sweater and Plaid shirt ( thrift store), velvet tights Member Only, shoes Sam Edelman (Buffalo Exchange), necklace (Forever21). Landscap: New Orleans.

My plaid shirt and velvet tights always equals a much loved stylish and comfortable outfit for work and play. Armed with my Iphone and fringe booties I decided to walk to work. During my walk I wasn't surprise at how little New Orleans has rebuilt since Katrina. But I was surprise when I discover new stores and homes popping up in the most unlikely places. Slowly and surely I'm starting to fall in love with my city. Even tho it has a long way to go.

Peace & Love LivvyV

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Wedding, Why Not ?!?!?

 Everything from the thrift store expect shoes (Cynthia Vincent for Target) and rings (Ebay)

Welcome 2011 !!!!!!!!!!

This year is all about putting my plans into action. Following my heart as well as mind. While improving my body and spirit. So, what is a better example of a truly bless and improved lifestyle (hopefully) than getting married. On New Years day of this year I attended my cousin Shandrick's wedding. To see how two people love each other and wanted to enjoy life together, made me want to discover what is it that I love and how do I surround myself with it. So my New Years resolution is not only to put my plans into action and to balance my life, but to do what I love and do it with love.

What is your resolution?

( P.S took these photos with my phone, for some reason can't find my plug for my camera, so I have to buy a new one . Which I needed anyway)

Peace & Love LivvyV