Monday, December 20, 2010

Florals & Stripes

Everything Head to toe is from the thrift store or 2nd hand. Except the Beanie Forever21 ( I cut off the pom-pom)


Shirt, Vest, Shoes from Thrift store, jeans (walmart), Necklace from vintage store ( Funky Monkey), watch from ebay.

For a while now I notice that I have been wearing a lot of stripes and florals. I tend to go through these two types of prints because I can just throw a jacket and some jeans to create a complete look. And because of this I own about 7 different types of floral prints. And over 10 stripe shirts(I know, I have a problem). So what is your favorite causal piece of clothing?

Peace & Love LivvyV

Lost Photos

These are some of the pictures I took with friends this year that I forgot to download to my Flickr account. They feature some of my very good friends Theresa (NYC), Kris (NYC), and my partner in crime Lesly (New Orleans). These reminds of good times that I have during this crazy time in my life. Hope everyone is having a good holiday season. Yet, I'm looking forward to the New Year. This is going to be the year that I actually put all my plans and dreams into action.

Peace & Love LivvyV

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Wishlist: Aztec Warrior or Nightcrawler?!?!?

From left to right: Matt Bernson Gold Bar Clutch (Urbanoutfitters),Navajo Cutout Dress (Nastygal), Bird Lake Bag (Anthropologie), imm Living Totem Cup Set, Minnetonka Moccasin(Freepeople), Dara Ettinger Sharon Ring(Urbanoutfitters), Solvang Clog (Freepeople),Burgundy Wedges (PixieMarket),Mixed Metal Spike Hoop(Rachel Roy),D'armee Dress(Anthroplogie),Bird Skull Cuff(Rachel Roy),Broderie Anglaise Shirt Dress(Asos)


From left to right: First 3 pairs of shoes (Aldo),Lia Fringe Chain Tote(Freepeople) black skirt and sparrow blouse (Asos), Black Lace long sleeves blouse (Urbanoutfitters), Maxi skirt (Forever21), Gold Claw Bracelet (Asos), Wraped Snake Earrings (Asos), House of Holland Paris Tights (Asos), Leopard Sweater Dress (Urbanoutfitters), Buckle Wedges Jeffrey Campbell (Urbanoutfitters), Rugged Stone Ring(Asos), Rhinestone Burst Ring (Freepeople)

I decided to make a fantasy winter wish-list of some of my favorite things that have seen online recently. Some of them I might be fortunate to received others may be a long shot. Most of the items I notice fit into two themes: Aztec culture or Night prowler . Aztec theme consist of gold-tone, deep reds, and olive colors and Night prowler consisting of more black. I don't know which one I like the most because I love all of items. So which one do you prefer? The Aztec/Mayan warrior princess or the Nightrider/prowler?

Peace & Love LivvyV

Monday, December 13, 2010

ATL Mid-Fall Day.

Over the Thanksgiving break I went to visit one of my very good friends and sometime blogger partner, Fashion Scavenger, Lesly in ATL. While I was there she took me thrifting, clubbing, drinking, and to this place that sold bomb milkshakes. I found the coolest Rag and Bone leather jacket that was $100 over my budget at T.J Maxx. Who Know that T.J Maxx carried designer goods like this? Knowing how much I wanted the jacket Lesly suggested I see if they had a layway. See the T.J Maxx in New Orleans does, but question was answer by snobby sales clerk saying "we don't do layways". Which totally sucked. Anyway, a few days later we hung out with a couple of Lesly friends. Here are the pics from that day, and a pics of the awesome Rag and Bone leather jacket that I couldn't take back home to New Orleans (I cry a little inside we I see it).

Peace & Love LivvyV

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summers Over and Falls Brings New Beginnings.

Hey Everyone, its been a long time since I've been on. I kinda lost my passion for fashion ( yeah right). Just the high maintenance kind I supposed. Anyway, the past few months I've been really into stepping away from all this crazy fashion blog stuff and rather making time to see what I really love about fashion and mostly what I enjoy about life. During this past summer I hopped around a lot. I went the Bonnaroo Music Festival a 4 day summer music festive in Tennessee. There I got to see The Gossip, Jay-Z, Jesse Bailey, Stevie Wonder, Ingrid Michaelson, Dead Weather (again), and many more. I spent a little time in NYC hanging out with friends. And most of the summer going crazy thrift shopping, scoring a lot of awesome stuff. Recently I wonder if I should just delete my blog because no one read it. Then I got on this morning and saw that I had over 200 views for people all over. So what I'm trying to say is thanks to everyone who checked out my blog. You made me see that just because I have a few views there is people out there that read my post. And because of this I'm going to make it my mission to start doing more and more post really focusing on awesome cheap finds and how I wear them. And on every social aspect of my life, even my history classes. You would never think that history archives could look so amazing. Anyway I'll be back soon and I hope to see you here.

Peace & Love LivvyV

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time Traveling Fashion

60's " Woodstock Chic"

70's " Grease Lighting"

80's " Power Suit Anyone?"

90s " Hip-Hop and Hot Shorts"

A couple of weeks ago me and my friend Alex decided to stage a photo shoot for some of the clothes we wanted to sell on ebay. It seems the only clothes that sell now are when people wear them. Recently I went back to look at some of the pics and I notice that some of my fav's had a timeline. Take a little trip through fashion memory-line with me.

Peace & Love LivvyV