Monday, July 25, 2011

Watermelon.....A Quick Snack

BDG Tank, Silence & Noise Skirt, and Shoes: Urban Outfitters,  Liz Claiborne Bag: Buffalo Exchange, Watch; Nixon, Sunglasses and Rings: Ebay , Necklaces: Random

Just a Quick Snack of Watermelon goodness before I go to work.

Peace & Love.......LivvyV

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Black Mardi Gras Indians Transformed

New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians by Carl Merricks in his Residence

These photo found after Hurricane Katrina in the home of a Carl Merricks a gentleman that sewed suits for some of the tribes of the Mardi Gras  Indians shows the beauty of re-discovering something that might have been lost.  And the beautiful workmanship that goes into creating these piece of art that the Mardi Gras Indians wear every year.  Who says that a piece of couture or great workmanship has to come from Paris.

Peace & Love......LivvyV

Amy Winehouse You Sent Me Flying

I remember the first time  heard Amy Winehouse, I was in Virgin Mobile on 14th Street in Manhattan and I was just browsing by the cds. Frank was the name of the cd and the poster for it look interesting so I decided to put the headphones on and take a listen. It was one of the best musical decision I made in my life. The first song that  was played  was" You Sent Me Flying" which was and  forever will be my favorite song by Amy.  For almost 40 minutes I stood there and listen to Frank and enjoy every single song I heard. It is so sad to see such a talented person waste away and crumble under the pressure of the world and demons of herself. As a people we all have to deal with hardship but when your constantly under the spotlight it probably ten times harder. I hope she is finally at peace. Your music will truly be missed but never forgotten. 

" You Sent Me Flying"

Peace & Love .....LivvyV

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running Back in Time

Jersey and FreeLance boots: Thrift Store, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Liz Claiborne Bag: Buffalo Exchange, Sunglasses: Ray-bans

This jersey reminds me of why I wanted to be good friends with someone whom was a jock girl or boy. It's because I always wanted their varsity jackets or jersey. I always thought high school and collegiate jacket were awesome. And for the last two season and this season lettermans jackets and varsity type gear have been a hot trend that celebs from Pharrell to Kanye and Jay-Z have been sporting. As we all know I can't not afford a $300 nor $1000 letterman jacket from Givenchy or Y-3 so my $1 thrift store find is what its going to be. I actually didn't know how to wear it at first. But when I put it on I figured the simpler the better. And the outfit came out really cool. In my opinion of course.

Peace & Love....LivvyV

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Martha Stewart Has Nothing On Me....... HAHA



This week I have decided Im going to cook as often as I can. This morning I made a breakfast tostada. It had black beans, cheese, a poached egg, corn salsa, and avocado. For lunch I made panfried salmon with a peach and walnut salad. I made a orange ginger balsamic vinaigrette to go on the salad. For dinner I made salmon again but this time I cooked sweet chili sauce, brown rice, and stir-fried vegetable. Everything was pretty easy to make, and didn't take extra expensive ingredients to make them. It shows when you kept the basic kitchen staples around you can create a great meal.

Peace & Love........LivvyV

Monday, July 18, 2011

Active Yellow

Character Hero Jacquard Tank: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: French Connection,  Adidas SLVR Wedges, Watch: Fossil, Bag and Sunglasses: Thrift Store
For days now it has been raining non-stop. It will rain for 2 hours and stop for an hour. I can't even remember what a sunny day looks like. Wearing my Adidas SLVR shoes have been the closes thing to an outdoor sunny day activity that I could do. It is suppose to rain the rest of these week. Hopefully next week is different because I have a couple of cool piece that I want to show to you and this rain is cramping my style. 

Well at least I have no reason not to stay home and do homework.

Peace & Love........LivvyV

Friday, July 15, 2011

J'adore My Lace-Up

J'adore Tee,  Tano handbag, and Chocolate Blue Wilda Lace-up wedges: Urban Outfitters, Zebra Printed Shorts: Anthropologie, Watch: Nixon, Glass and Resin Thick Bracelet: Alexis Bittar, Other Jewelry: Random.

Hey everyone its been a little while since I've posted. Over the last week I have been sick with a sinus infections and swollen glands. Which has resulted in me sleeping non-stop and only waking to have soup, juice, and watch a little bit of X-men the cartoon. The 90's version not the new school version. Plus it has been raining in New Orleans non-stop.  Today had been the first day I've felt better and I decide to finally post the pics I took last week running errands.  I know that the blog is a little one note with me posting pics of mainly myself, but I'm going to make an effort to start posting other things. More things on music and what I think it is cool. And when I finally get my camera I can take pics of the cool places that I've been discovering in New Orleans. Well I'm gonna to get ready to enjoy a night out.

Have a nice weekend everyone and look for a new posting soon since I'm back on my feet.

Peace & Love......LivvyV

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pink and YSL

YSL Tank& Earrings: Gnome; Kimchi &Blue Paperbag Trouser: Urban Outfitters, Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell, Bag: Tracy Reese, Watch: Nixon, Necklace: Disney Couture.

Hey everyone, its been a while. I've just been crazy busy especially during Essence Fest and the Long 4th of July weekend. This has been the first day in a while since I have had the chance to sit down and not have to do anything really.  
Anyway, the Kimchi & Blue trouser was a must have after I saw a customer try them on in the Rust color. Unfortunately she brought the last pair in my size and that color :-(.  The funny thing about the pink trouser is that their surprisingly versatile plus their very comfortable to wear. So trust that you will be seeing them again.

Well I'm off  to settle in and read Out of Africa.

Peace & Love............ LivvyV