Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tour de Room

My Room
Hey everyone, still don't have internet and its a little irritating. Dealing with ATT has made me very very fu*king upset. Excuse my french. I spent over 400 minutes on the phone and took off of work waiting for my internet to be turned on yesterday and I still don't have it.  Okay let me stop talking about this before I get even more upset than I'm already am. Anyway.......

Every time my friends visit my house and room for the first time they always talked and tell others about how awesome they think my room is, which leads other people wanting to see my room. So since I can't do a walking to tour of my room for everyone I decide to post some pics of my room here. I took these pics about a month ago, and since then my room had changed around a little. Well, I'm about to relax because I'm beat.

Peace & Love....... LivvyV

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  1. miss lady your shoe/accessories/perfume collection is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy