Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SunFlowers and Leopard Spots

Dress: Simply Fashion ($2),  Denim Vest, Necklace, and Sunglasses: Thrift Store, Shoes: H&M, Watch: Nixon
Yesterday was hot and humid as hell ( if hell was humid lol).  Everywhere you went outside you happen to sweat. I think this is why my photos came out so funny looking, but I'm going to say it gives it a vintage feel.  As you can tell I've been working on wearing more of my shoe collection because as you saw in the past post I have alot of shoes.  And I there are more shoes than what I showed ( I know I know).  

Another thing I'm getting into is the mixing prints and colors which I've always did and been a fan of. I believe that everything doesn't have to be so matchy matchy. And actually I hate the concept of matching everything to a certain color or style. So when my mom let me buy this dress off of her my mind immediately thought of  pairing the dress with my leopard print shoes that I never wore. And I think the outcome turn out pretty cool.

Well I'm off to do some homework at school, because as of this present moment I still don't have internet at home. THANKS AT&T.........NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Peace & Love.......LivvyV

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