Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running Back in Time

Jersey and FreeLance boots: Thrift Store, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Liz Claiborne Bag: Buffalo Exchange, Sunglasses: Ray-bans

This jersey reminds me of why I wanted to be good friends with someone whom was a jock girl or boy. It's because I always wanted their varsity jackets or jersey. I always thought high school and collegiate jacket were awesome. And for the last two season and this season lettermans jackets and varsity type gear have been a hot trend that celebs from Pharrell to Kanye and Jay-Z have been sporting. As we all know I can't not afford a $300 nor $1000 letterman jacket from Givenchy or Y-3 so my $1 thrift store find is what its going to be. I actually didn't know how to wear it at first. But when I put it on I figured the simpler the better. And the outfit came out really cool. In my opinion of course.

Peace & Love....LivvyV

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