Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunny Delight

Shirt, Bag, and Shoes: Thrift Store, Jeans: Macy's, Necklace: Buffalo Exchange, Bracelet: Anthro, Sunglasses: Urbanoutfitters, Lipstick: Covergirl BrickFire

Hey everyone, hope everyones weekend was good. Again this weekend in New Orleans was beautiful. But I couldn't enjoy it or ever get a cup of Thai tea ( yes I'm obsess) because I had to work. Which I don't mind but who want to be inside when you could be out enjoying the sun.  Anyway, I semi-stole the tropical orange shirt from my mom. Semi because I have to give it back. I just loved the color so much it had me wishing I could be on a tropical island somewhere.  As for the bright orange lipstick, I had it since last year and never bother to open it. With a little push from my friend Lesly, who urge me to try color I finally give it a try. And to tell you the truth I  liked it.

Well, I'm off to start writing my paper for my Latin America history class. I will be posting my kick-ass purchases from last week soon. It involves shoes.

Peace & Love.......LivvyV

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  1. I love it all..I've been wanting to thrift a hawaiian shirt for the summer. You work at urban outfitters awesome..I work at anthropologie its such love. Loving your blog you do a wonderful job keeping it updated with your crazy school and work schedule.