Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Weekly Purchases.

Shoes and Dresses: Anthropologie ( SALE)

Hey everyone, I hope everything been good. I've been mucho busy with school and work. Finals are coming up and I'm bugging beyond belief.  Even with all that going on, I still found a chance to shop a little.  Anthro had some really cool things on sale last week. The two dress I brought, I've been eyeing for a long time. The strip and printed one was feature in Lucky magazine was the only one left in the store and in my size. Awesome right!!!!! The shoes I  brought at a great deal.  Can't wait to rock it all. Well, I'm about to start writing my 15 page paper for military history..... Yeah craziness, I know.

Peace & Love....LivvyV

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  1. I absolutely love your style!
    what brought me to your page was what you wrote on the WHOWHATWEAR Mother's Day post! Couldn't have said it any better!!