Monday, April 4, 2011

A Week in Purchasing.


Marathon Strand Bracelet

Chakra Roll-On Perfume


Hey everyone, I know I been away for a little while. Its only due to the lack of having the ability to taken my own pics, but who said I have to be mum. This week I did a little bit of shopping minus the thrift ( sad :-( I know ), but maybe next weekend. I got some really great piece at discounted prices. I just got in my Magaschoni skirt from, its all silk and its beautiful. Two wrap bracelets I got from Anthro with my discount. These bracelets are great pieces to layer with other bracelets or around my watch to give it a little ump.  The Charka Roll perfume I got from urban and they are great.  You could wear them alone or combine them with a different perfume to give your scent more depth.  My favorite one is HEART, plus their small that they can always travel in your bag. Last but not least, are the shoes by Isabel Toledo for Payless. Usually I'm not a fan of the Payless collaborations but when I saw these I was in love. With a yes from my mom and my friend Lesly I shove out the $45 and went on my merry way. You will definitely have many pics of me with these shoes on come summer.

Peace & Love.......LivvyV


  1. those shoes just blew me away. did you get them online or at Payless?

  2. Hey Charlé I got them when I went into the store I believe that they might be sold out. But check in you never know girl.