Friday, April 8, 2011

Simply Colorful

Zara 2011 Spring Collection

Can I let you know how upset I am? I will start off with my two top reason

 1. I can't get my hands on these beautiful piece of clothing because.....
 2.  Zara doesn't have a store anywhere near New Orleans .

  If only I could get my hands on those fuschia and tangerine trouser, that orange silk top,tan leather tank, and long yellow maxi skirt too my summer could be complete. These pieces are stand out without be overly busy. The prefect way to incorporate color and fun into your spring wardrobe. Maybe I will get lucky and see if my very good friend
Lesly would head over to her local ATL Zara and pick up those trousers for me.  Which leads to the the last but main reason I'm upset with Zara.....

3. Zara doesn't offer online shopping. But you let us look at the item online. Who mess up is that?

Peace &Love..........LivvyV


  1. Look at you making trend boards! Looks great! you know I love them collages!

  2. sorry about numbers 1-3! if it's any condolence, the skirts aren't that cute in person. :) love your blog and your style is killer. dead.