Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dark & Long

 Everything from head to to thrift store expect sunglasses and snake ring courtesy of GNOME

How was everyone Super Bowl weekend?  Well my weekend was pretty good. Did  a little thrift shopping and hanging out withe the family. As for Super Bowl night me and my family spent it at the movies. I went to go see the Green Hornet. I've been a fan of the cartoon since I was young ( and most other cartoons as well, YuGi anyone?). Lets say it wasn't what I would expect the film to be but it  was good enough. One thing I did love about the movie is that it help me find my new boyfriend, since my obsession with the Korean popstar Rain who played in Ninja Assassin has died down a little. Jay Chou  who  is also a  popstar and Taiwan has stolen my heart (LOL). Well I'm back to another week of school  and figuring out with Im going to go for Valentine Day ( yeah I know).  Pink is not my color but I ready to pull at the red for V-day.

Peace & Love....... LivvyV

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