Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tribal Winter

Everything from Thrift Store, expect tights and hat Buffalo Exhcange ( pics where taken with phone,cant find camera)

Hey, hope everyone is doing fine in this awful weather.  Its been so cold and nasty outside I barely want to wake up and go to school. As for dressing up it has not been happening. I quickly throw on my sweater, sweats, sneakers, beanie and head out the door to brace the cold at the bus stop.  Anyway, today I decide to give my outfit a little effort ( since I had a ride to school) and play with some print. It was easy enough and no hassel for when I need to try on clothes at the thrift store ( before school. of course).   

Well, I hope everyone is staying warm, I'm off to bury myself under some homework :-\.
( Oh I will post pics of the awesome finds I got at the thrift store today in my next post)

Peace & Love........ LivvyV

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