Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stripping for Spring

Shirt: BDG and Bag: Tano urbanoutfitters.com,Vest: American Vintage SteinMart, Skinnies: Gap, Sneakers: Chuck Taylors, Glasses: Ray-Bans, Rings: Ebay, Necklace: Funky Monkey

Its been awhile right? Sorry for that. So last Saturday was the first official day of parades for Mardi Gras season.  It was a great sunny weekend and I decided to go hangout with some friends uptown. Wanting to be comfortable I throw on My skinnies, chuck and two new items that I just received in the mail from my Urbanoutfitters purchase. The awesome leather Tano bag and my new favorite stripe shirt courtesy of BDG ( might not see it but the black stripes are sequins).  Grab my Ray-bans and was out the door. Having such a large bag was good idea and having sneakers on was even a better choice because the bus and streetcars where crowded to the max and I went crazy at the Borders Closing sell ( magazines 40% off).  As a result of my drinking and being on the bus with all those people I'm sitting in bed with a running nose, I know it sucks. But at least I had a god time hanging with my old co-workers and friends Ryan, Hilly, and Brittany.
 Well, hope your week is going good. 

Peace & Love......LivvyV
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