Sunday, March 13, 2011

Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow lol

Jacket, Shoes, Scarf and Bag: Thrift Store, Skirt: Urbanoutfitters, Glasses, Ray-bans, Ring: Ebay; Cuff and hoops: Random

Black Skirt,  Yellow Jacket....Lol. I can't rap for shit. Anyway, it was a great sunny day in New Orleans and my mood was   a happy one. So what better way to express that than a big yellow anorak jacket and  Ray-bans. I know, Its so simple to please me.

Peace & Love........LivvyV


  1. I aint gon tell ya again! I love ya in color! this outfit is ADORABLEEEE!!

  2. i love all of the bright colors! yellow, blue, and orange = fabulous!