Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let the Gold Time Roll

Jacket & Necklace: Thrift Store,  Jeans: French Connection, Shoes: Buffalo Exchange, Ring: Ebay

Mardi Gras is wild for some and Chill for others. Mine was in between. For the most part I chilled with my family, drinking, eating, and playing UNO in between taking the kids to the parade. At nigh I hung out with some of my friends. In the spirit of the holiday I decided to pull out my gold wingtips that i probably get to wear. Purple blazer and a green V-neck a very festive but comfortable outfit. Well I'm about to clean my room and put up the finds I got at the thrift store today. I will post those tomorrow. 

Peace & Love... LivvyV

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  1. You look amazing!
    Very inspiring blog! Following! Follow back? <3