Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Wedding, Why Not ?!?!?

 Everything from the thrift store expect shoes (Cynthia Vincent for Target) and rings (Ebay)

Welcome 2011 !!!!!!!!!!

This year is all about putting my plans into action. Following my heart as well as mind. While improving my body and spirit. So, what is a better example of a truly bless and improved lifestyle (hopefully) than getting married. On New Years day of this year I attended my cousin Shandrick's wedding. To see how two people love each other and wanted to enjoy life together, made me want to discover what is it that I love and how do I surround myself with it. So my New Years resolution is not only to put my plans into action and to balance my life, but to do what I love and do it with love.

What is your resolution?

( P.S took these photos with my phone, for some reason can't find my plug for my camera, so I have to buy a new one . Which I needed anyway)

Peace & Love LivvyV

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  1. Many of the photos aren't loading. :( I'm just getting flickr logos. You know what's up?