Sunday, August 21, 2011

Days Lost

Unused Photos

Its been a while since I've updated my blog.  Mostly because Theo needed to be fix ( Theo is my Mac) lol. And not having the options of connecting to the interweb has done me good.  Plus, its been too hot to actually give a hell about what you wear in New Orleans so I didn't feel like taking pictures or doing anything else but trying to stay cool. Sad, I know.

Anyway, back to the good of lacking a computer did me.  Without my computer I started going through my things to find what I wanted to sell for my garage sell. And while I was cleaning and separating my wants from my sell, I found my old journal. You every rediscover something that instantly made you smile?  My journal is it.  Looking through it, seeing the words and the drawing that I was doing a few years ago made me wonder if growing up means that sometimes we not only gain certain knowledge but we lose it too. Seeing the poems that I wrote about love, insecurity, hurt, pain, about my life made me remember that not too long ago I was not the confident girl that I'am today. Looking at the notes and pictures of things I would like to do, know, or go made me remember that I have not achieved all my goals yet, and made me happy for the new ones I set for myself.  It made me notice that I sometimes get so caught up in the world of the internet: facebook, twitter, tumblr, ichat, and everything else that I forget what it feels like to just sit and be.  In the days without my computer I rediscover music I love, my love for writing, my love for reading about ancient Eastern religion, cutting out pics in old magazines,  I discover my love for just being.

Peace & Love......LivvyV

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