Monday, December 13, 2010

ATL Mid-Fall Day.

Over the Thanksgiving break I went to visit one of my very good friends and sometime blogger partner, Fashion Scavenger, Lesly in ATL. While I was there she took me thrifting, clubbing, drinking, and to this place that sold bomb milkshakes. I found the coolest Rag and Bone leather jacket that was $100 over my budget at T.J Maxx. Who Know that T.J Maxx carried designer goods like this? Knowing how much I wanted the jacket Lesly suggested I see if they had a layway. See the T.J Maxx in New Orleans does, but question was answer by snobby sales clerk saying "we don't do layways". Which totally sucked. Anyway, a few days later we hung out with a couple of Lesly friends. Here are the pics from that day, and a pics of the awesome Rag and Bone leather jacket that I couldn't take back home to New Orleans (I cry a little inside we I see it).

Peace & Love LivvyV

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