Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summers Over and Falls Brings New Beginnings.

Hey Everyone, its been a long time since I've been on. I kinda lost my passion for fashion ( yeah right). Just the high maintenance kind I supposed. Anyway, the past few months I've been really into stepping away from all this crazy fashion blog stuff and rather making time to see what I really love about fashion and mostly what I enjoy about life. During this past summer I hopped around a lot. I went the Bonnaroo Music Festival a 4 day summer music festive in Tennessee. There I got to see The Gossip, Jay-Z, Jesse Bailey, Stevie Wonder, Ingrid Michaelson, Dead Weather (again), and many more. I spent a little time in NYC hanging out with friends. And most of the summer going crazy thrift shopping, scoring a lot of awesome stuff. Recently I wonder if I should just delete my blog because no one read it. Then I got on this morning and saw that I had over 200 views for people all over. So what I'm trying to say is thanks to everyone who checked out my blog. You made me see that just because I have a few views there is people out there that read my post. And because of this I'm going to make it my mission to start doing more and more post really focusing on awesome cheap finds and how I wear them. And on every social aspect of my life, even my history classes. You would never think that history archives could look so amazing. Anyway I'll be back soon and I hope to see you here.

Peace & Love LivvyV

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