Monday, April 19, 2010

The New Beginnings


This is my first post so I'm probably talking to myself, lol. But, I want to introduce myself anyway. My name is Olivia you could call me Livvy. Fashion hasn't always been my thing, or at least wasn't until I moved to New York City for college for a few years. Being in NYC makes you want to be infused in every creative aspect of life. Which inevitably lead me to love fashion. My blog is not meant to show you what you see all the time in the magazines. Its a space to let your creative juices flow and to bring ideas on how to make fashion your own. This is a blog for people who can't mostly afford the Chloe or Chanel. People that can turn their thrift store finds and H&M or Forever21 items into outfit they can be proud of. Plus, being a semi-plus size girl it is a little difficult to follow trends, which is not my speciality anyway. This makes it more of a point for me to make my own style relevant in this crazy world of fast food fashion. I'm not here to tell you what everyone else thinks is hot but to offer you a little view into my world of fashion and art. Mostly, I'm just a girl from New Orleans who's a thrift addict, ebay fanatic, and connoisseur of unique and often off the wall pieces of jewelry. I'm a girl that knows life is an adventure and loves the beauty that it offers. I'm here to have fun with fashion I hope you are to.


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